1,700 Filipinos cleaned the beach from Al-Watiya to Al-Bida

With the participation of 27 teams from the Filipino community, among about 1,700 male and female volunteers, the Kuwait Municipality carried out, on Friday morning, the largest voluntary cleaning campaign for the coastal strip, in cooperation with the General Union of Kuwaiti Workers, the Philippine Embassy, the Migrant Labor Office, the Working Women’s Committee and the Filipino Labor Associations, and the work extended from a beach Al-Wattia to Al-Bidaa Roundabout, as part of the “Our Deer Is Worth It” campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to build bridges of cooperation between the federation and social responsibility, in addition to educating everyone, whether they are citizens or residents,” said Mohammed Al-Arada, advisor to the Kuwait Workers’ Union.

He added, “The federations and unions always support government work and serve the community, and aim to educate it that our country is clean, whether in the waterfront or residential or commercial areas.”

In turn, the Vice Consul and Third Secretary at the Philippine Embassy, Josel Mustahu, thanked the Labor Union and the municipality for this event, stressing, “It is an inspiring thing to see the Filipino community contribute to this matter, especially since the beaches are very important to the community, and therefore we must enjoy clean beaches, and we are happy.” For support between the environment, the municipality and the community in such an event.

The ceremony witnessed the honoring of the directors of the hygiene departments in the Kuwait Municipality branches, and a number of members of the community, in addition to the distribution of brochures to the members of the community, which includes a definition of the Environmental Protection Law 99/2015, and includes 4 languages.

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