The severe cold wave continues until the end of February

Meteorologist Issa Ramadan confirmed that the noticeable decrease in temperatures during the current period was not normal, indicating that the country witnessed very severe cold waves.

Ramadan warned that severe cold waves will continue until the end of this month, indicating that this is not normal, especially since we are in mid-February, and spring periods usually begin at this time.

He said, “The country was exposed during the last period to severe cold waves, which will continue during the weekend, and the chance of rain will gradually decrease, despite the continued presence of clouds.”

Ramadan explained that “the winds will be northwest, and this is what causes temperatures to drop, especially during the night,” calling on residents to be careful and take precautions, especially those on land and farms, and even coastal areas and islands. Ramadan pointed out that the temperatures during the weekend will drop at night to below 5 degrees Celsius, noting that the February weather in general will be very cold.

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