Valentine ignites flower sales in Kuwait

Today, flower and gift shops receive large numbers of customers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, and for this reason, the latest designs in gifts and bouquets of roses, which are predominantly red, have been prepared on this particular day, as usual in February of each year.

Flower shop workers say that among the most important varieties of roses sold on this day are red roses, which are imported from countries such as Egypt, India and the Netherlands, and the volume of sales of this type during Valentine’s Day reaches 2,500 roses per store, noting that 90% of sales are for bouquets. Roses accompanying gifts and chocolates.

Preparations for this day are not limited to buying flowers and gifts, but also restaurants, hotels and cafes have a share, as they compete with each other to attract customers and provide new foods at competitive prices, and dinner may reach 70 dinars for two people, and 150 dinars in hotels, with overnight accommodation.

Many customers resort to ordering “online”, as they do not have time to go to the shops and search for the best.

Rose prices rise according to the shop, its location, and its designs. The sources indicate that flower orders “online” during this day represent 70% of the volume of orders, with the option of delivery with the order, noting that the price of the bouquet starts from 5 dinars and reaches 140 dinars.

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