837 Million dinars for the implementation of 110 projects

Official figures issued by the Ministry of Finance revealed the inclusion of about 110 development projects planned for implementation during the fiscal year 2023-2024 at a total cost estimated at 837.2 million dinars. The expected implementation is 43.1 million dinars.

Al Qabas reported that the total number of projects of ministries and government departments expected to start implementation amounted to 55 projects, with a total cost of 264 million dinars, where the share of construction projects came to 235.2 million dinars, while about 44 projects were included in the budgets of social and economic services at a cost 259.5 million dinars, while the number of public services and defense budget projects amounted to 11 projects, at a cost of 4.9 million dinars, all of them non-construction.

The document showed that the number of projects included in the budgets of independent institutions amounted to 27 projects, with a total cost of 483.2 million dinars, while the number of projects included in the budgets of the attached bodies amounted to 27 projects, at a cost of 89.5 million dinars.

Economic return

In a related matter, reliable sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that there is a new government plan led by the Major Projects Committee of the Council of Ministers, to accelerate the implementation of development projects that have feasibility and economic return on citizens and public money by raising the degree of coordination between the various agencies related to the implementation process, to avoid a number of problems. Major problems, which were a major reason for delaying the completion of projects over the past years.

She indicated that the plan would find appropriate solutions to administrative obstacles related to the implementation of projects, and work to reduce and restructure the documentary cycle between the relevant government agencies.

Major Projects Committee

She said that the efforts of the Major Projects Committee resulted in the Ministry of Finance completing a circular to all government agencies regarding annual development plan projects, with an emphasis on giving development projects priority in completion and implementation. This circular alerted all government agencies to start taking all necessary measures to implement development projects from the beginning The new year, provided that spending on these projects takes place after approving the budget.

Accelerate the pace of implementation

The Council of Ministers intensified its efforts to urge the concerned government agencies to quickly take measures related to development projects, stressing the need for full cooperation with the regulatory authorities, so that they can perform their tasks efficiently and competently to complete the necessary control procedures and obtain final approvals as soon as possible without delaying the scheduled timetable. To launch projects, as a new pattern and approach was adopted in accelerating the wheel of development projects to implement the New Kuwait Vision 2035, and a ministerial committee was formed to follow up on implementation and accountability, entrusted with submitting reports to the Council of Ministers regarding the performance of the cooperating and negligent parties and the extent of their achievement.            

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