Meteorology : Unstable weather, starting from tomorrow until Saturday

The weather forecast observer at the Meteorological Department, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, expected that the country would be affected by a state of instability in weather conditions, starting from tomorrow morning, Thursday, and continuing until next Saturday morning, at intermittent intervals. 
Al-Qarawi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) today, Wednesday, that this is the result of a low extension coming from the Red Sea accompanied by a warm and moist air mass that coincides with the presence of a cold depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which leads to the multiplication of low and medium clouds interspersed with cumulus clouds with light sporadic rain to Medium intensity, torrential and sometimes thundery.

He stated that there is also an opportunity for hail and wind activity, whose speed exceeds 50 kilometers per hour, with a decrease in horizontal visibility in some area

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