WhatsApp allows users to hear voice messages before sending them

The social networking application WhatsApp has started providing a new feature that allows users to re-listen to their voice messages before sending them.

The new feature allows the user to record the voice message and save it for a period of time until he sends it or deletes it, which allows him to review it and make sure that it is audible and does not contain errors before sending it.

To use this feature, the user presses and drags the microphone icon up and then records the voice message.

The user then presses the stop button, which allows them to play back the message and listen to it by pressing the play button. Then the user can send the message by clicking on the blue arrow button.

The user can also continue recording the message and add a new part to it by clicking again on the microphone icon, or deleting it by pressing the Recycle Bin button.

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