School is back in session for thousands of students starting today

while this morning, about 300,000 students from public and private Arab middle and secondary schools are attending the full-time system, after their interruption and their part-time two academic years as a result of the “Corona” crisis, all school stages are completed by more than 660,000 students in all schools, amid expectations of a crisis. Traffic is stifling today, as schools, universities and colleges synchronize with ministries, government agencies and companies.

In the context, educational sources confirmed that the number of students in government middle and secondary schools, who will return to their seats in the full-time system, is about 220,000, explaining that the number of students in Arab private schools is about 80,000, before school students preceded them to school hours. The number of foreigners since the end of last August has reached 160,000.

The sources said that school administrations and concerned authorities made efforts to complete their readiness during the past week, noting that the competent authorities, in cooperation with companies, began supplying new air conditioning units to schools that suffer from a shortage, as they will be installed and operated during the first week of work.

She stated that the ministry approved the direct purchase of air conditioning units to address the shortage, especially with the presence of old, damaged and irreparable units, pointing out that the ministry will also implement a plan to purchase 10,000 new air conditioning units with a 5-year warranty and guarantee.

30 thousand pieces of furniture

In addition, the sources confirmed that the Department of Supplies and Stores distributed about 30 thousand pieces of furniture during the past week to working schools that need some pieces of school furniture.

She added that batches of textbooks were distributed throughout last September, indicating that all book deficiencies were completed and distributed to middle and secondary schools during the past three days, according to the number of students within the approved official statistics.

The sources indicated that the Department of Supply and Stores distributed textbooks according to the number of students in the official statistics, noting that some shortages may occur as a result of school administrations accepting students after issuing the statistics. Immediately by warehouse administrators

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