The municipality raises 477 abandoned cars, scrap and 10 boats within a week

The field tours carried out by the departments of public cleanliness and road works in all branches of the municipality in the governorates during the period from 10/8 to 16/8 resulted in the removal of 477 abandoned cars and scrap, 6 groceries, 10 abandoned boats, 4 vehicles and a commercial container and the removal of 4 random tents, in addition to 1906 placed warning stickers on abandoned cars and scraps, and legal measures will be taken against them after the deadline for placing the sticker expires.

In this context, the Public Relations Department in the municipality explained that the field tours that were carried out by the supervisory bodies in the General Hygiene Department in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality branch resulted in the lifting of 74 abandoned cars and scrap, 7 boats, in addition to the removal of 4 random tents, which were sent to the municipality’s reservation site. and put 180 alarm stickers on neglected cars.

It indicated that 98 abandoned cars and scraps were removed, along with 4 vehicles, a commercial container and 3 boats, and 211 warning stickers were placed in Hawalli Governorate, 75 abandoned cars and 105 warning stickers were raised in Al-Ahmadi Governorate, in addition to 80 abandoned cars and scraps were removed and 345 warning stickers were placed in Jahra Governorate. .

The municipality indicated that 43 abandoned cars and scraps have been removed, and 385 warning stickers have been placed on abandoned cars in the Capital Governorate, in addition to placing 680 warning stickers on abandoned cars, and 107 abandoned and scrap cars and 6 groceries have been raised in Farwaniya Governorate.

And they stressed that the field inspectors’ tours will continue to all hygiene centers and road works and follow-up street vendors to monitor and follow up violators of the laws and regulations in force in the municipality and take legal action regarding them.


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