1180 Traffic violations issued in 4 regions

The Traffic and Operations Sector, in cooperation and coordination with the Five-Year Committee, implemented a number of traffic security campaigns during the weekend, which targeted the Shuwaikh Industrial, Salmiya, Jabriya and Mahboula areas.

The campaigns resulted in the issuance of 1,180 violations, the seizure of 6 vehicles, the arrest of 4 violators of driving without a driver’s license, the seizure of a car rental office, and 8 computerized companies, the registration of 44 warnings to cut off the electricity to violating garages and workshops, and the removal of 12 neglected vehicles.

In the details, the Traffic Relations and Awareness Department of the General Traffic Department said, in a statement, that the five-year committee continued to implement its campaigns on vouchers, garages and industrial workshops in various craft and industrial areas in the country, and yesterday raided the garages and craft workshops in Shuwaikh Industrial, indicating that the committee issued 44 warnings. Disconnecting the electricity from garages and workshops in violation of the Ministry of Electricity and Water inspectors participating in the campaign.

industrial areas

The department added that the Traffic and Operations Affairs Sector continued its field campaigns on the violating workshops in the industrial zones, in cooperation and coordination with the General Department of Criminal Investigation, the General Department of Residence Investigations, the Ministry of Commerce, the Public Authority for Industry, the Ministry of Electricity and Water, and the Kuwait Municipality.

He explained that the campaign resulted in issuing 440 various traffic violations, seizing 6 vehicles by inspectors of the Technical Inspection Department, in addition to issuing 23 violation reports by industry inspectors, and issuing 48 violation reports for garages, workshops and craftsmen by “Commerce” inspectors.

He pointed out that the men of the General Department of Residence Investigations participating in the campaign were able to seize 12 violators of the residence and work law, while municipal inspectors placed 377 warning stickers on neglected vehicles, issued 43 violations of the workshops, and closed 5 workshops operating without a license.

Jabriya and Mahboula

On the other hand, the Department of Coordination and Follow-up implemented a traffic security campaign in the Jabriya and Mahboula areas, which resulted in issuing 190 violations of mobile taxis, on-demand fare and delivery bikes, noting that the violations consisted of not carrying or renewing permits for taxis, not operating the tariff meter, and not Wearing a helmet, and not carrying a driver’s license for delivery bike riders.

In the Salmiya region, the Planning and Research Sector and the Education Sector implemented a traffic security campaign that resulted in issuing 550 violations, arresting 4 people driving vehicles without obtaining driving licenses, in addition to seizing a car rental office, for violating the terms of the rental license, in addition to seizing 8 companies by computer. automated for violating the terms of the licenses.


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