TECH:You can see the photo of the person who touched the phone : PHONE SECURITY APP..

As soon as someone touches your mobile, their photo in your email
Lock app, images and videos. Fingerprint is supported. Best free app lock


Lock apps with PIN, Pattern

Fingerprint (Only for Samsung devices with fingerprint sensor and Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint sensor)

Random keyboard

Time Password

Show Password transformation

Invisible Pattern

Pattern size

Lock Incoming call, Recent tasks, Switch lock ( Wi-Fi , Bluetooth), Install/Uninstall and 3rd party apps.

♦️Temporary unlock. You don’t need to unlock apps every time

♦️Delay lock at time

Lock your app at the device screen off

♦️Enter password once to unlock all

Cover (Disguise your App Lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. fake Fingerprint scanner and fake Force close dialog will hide the real lock screen)

Lock screen orientation (System settings, Auto-rotate, Portrait, Landscape)

♦️Hide AppLock Master icon

♦️Intruder selfie

Take a photo of who tried to unlock your device

♦️Theme, background

Background (Choose from gallery, System wallpaper, Transparent, Blur)


Theme customize (Show theme icon, show app name, hint message)

♦️Animation lock screen

Animation type (Fade, Zoom, Slide left, Slide right, Slide up, Slide down)

♦️How to open AppLock Master after hide AppLock Master icon

You can using 2 way below to open AppLock Master again

♦️Visit web

Drag out widget icon of AppLock Master and click to open

♦️How to uninstall AppLock?

After you turn on uninstall prevention, nobody can uninstall AppLock without password. If you want to uninstall it, please turn off uninstall prevention first.

♦️How to use time PIN?

Device’s time will combine with your PIN at end.

Ex: If the time is 19:02, 1902 would be your PIN ( is your PIN)

AppLock uses the Device Administrator permission. (only used to prevent AppLock being uninstalled)

Any issues or suggest for AppLock Master, welcome to send email to us!




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