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Acefluency app

Today it is indispensable to know English in any field.  Some have high educational qualifications but find it difficult to master English.  There are many ways to learn English.  Apps are what most people use.  But since many apps are paid, they are not suitable for all situations.  An app called AceFluency is a solution for this.  Learning and speaking English is not only an opportunity to communicate with new people, but also an opportunity to advance in a professional career.  AceFluency offers a comprehensive solution for English language learning and is often rated by users as the best app for practicing spoken English.  To speak English with ease and confidence, you need to practice daily with native English speakers.  With AceFluency, you get free daily talk time to connect with other fellow learners around the world.  Also, with regular practice you can master the art of speaking English.


With AceFluency, you can not only learn the basics of the English language, but also practice and speak English, it can even help you prepare for exams like IELTS and TOEFL.  AceFluency offers insightful live sessions, personalized guidance and mentorship program, calling feature to connect and practice with fellow learners, recorded video classes for grammar and vocabulary, daily dose of vocabulary/idioms and many more exciting features.  If you want to talk for more than 25 minutes per day, you need to buy a paid plan.  Now this app is only available on Android and you can download it from play store.

Key Features of the App

Interactive Live Sessions – Participate in live classes, one-on-one guidance and mentorship programs with our certified trainers.  Limited batch size for live classes to ensure adequate instructor attention for personalized leaoooeapp
gnito Calling Mode – Keeps your identity anonymous while connecting with new people, thus, enabling you to speak freely in English with your classmates without any hesitation.  CLICK HERE

With regular practice, you can speak English fluently.

A daily dose of words, idioms, phrasal verbs and slangs to help you become proficient in the English language.

Performance Insights – Analyze your progress and areas of improvement in your English speaking skills through real-time reports.  Your ratings are derived from feedback other learners have received on your language skills.

Recorded Grammar and Vocabulary Sessions – Access recorded classes on demand and learn at your own pace.  Classes are designed at different levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – keeping everyone’s needs in mind.  To download the app


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