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Kuwait,Iraq and Oman ranked first on the list of the hottest countries

Kuwait,Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman ranked first on the list of the hottest countries in the last 24 hours, according to the weather tracking website Eldorado Weather.

According to the ranking published by the site, on Saturday, Iraq topped the hottest countries, with 50 degrees Celsius in the city of Al-Amarah, and 49 degrees in each of Nasiriyah and Rifai.

With a score of 49.3 in the city of Jahra, Kuwait ranked next “fourth” in the final ranking, ahead of the Iranian cities of Ahvas and Al-Amidiyah.

The Omani city of Fahud placed the Sultanate in ninth place in the ranking that witnessed the Arab cities topping the hottest in the world this Saturday.

Although the Arab countries topped the list of the hottest countries, the unprecedented heat wave that has hit southern Europe for several days in France on Saturday afternoon is expected to increase to record levels, while firefighting teams in Spain are trying to control a massive fire, due to high temperatures.

According to the French Meteorological Department, the heat wave, Saturday, will affect almost the entirety of France, at a time when 11 French regions, located mainly along the coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and in the southwest of the country, have been put on high alert, and temperatures may reach in these days. zones to 42°C.

The increase in heat waves in Europe is a direct result of global warming.

Several sports and cultural events and celebrations were canceled due to the heat.

As of Saturday evening, occasional thunderstorms are expected on the Atlantic coast, before a dip in temperatures on Sunday evening may allow the heat wave to “reduce gradually.”

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