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Here’s a cool app to watch the whole world from anywhere: You can now even monitor your native home

Google Earth is a computer program that provides 3D representation of the Earth, primarily based on satellite imagery. The program maps the earth by superimposing satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS data into a 3D globe, allowing users to view cities and landscapes from a variety of angles


Users can enter addresses and coordinates or explore the world with a keyboard or mouse. You can also download the program on your smartphone or tablet using the touch screen or stylus to navigate.

Users can use the program to add their own data using keyhole markup language and upload via various sources such as forums or blogs. Google Earth is a webmap service client that can display a wide variety of images of the Earth's surface. In 2019, Google revealed that the Earth now covers more than 97 percent of the world and has copied 10 million miles of street view imagery.

In addition to Earth Navigation, Google offers a series of other tools, including the Measure Distance tool, through the Earth desktop application. The Moon and Mars have more spheres available,
Some see Google Earth as a threat to privacy and national security, leading to the banning of the program in multiple countries. Some countries have requested that certain areas be covered by Google's satellite images, usually areas with military facilities. 

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