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Apple adds a new “waiting” feature to its upcoming phone screens

Apple plans to add a new feature to the screens of its upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max phones, according to Bloomberg.

According to the agency, Apple plans to add an “always-on mode” feature to its new phone screens to be similar to what is found in the latest watches released by the company. This feature will work similarly to what is found in modern Apple Watches, starting with the fifth generation of them. According to the Al-Hurra website.

According to Apple’s support page, “always on” means the time is always visible, as well as the watch face or the latest active app. To preserve the battery rate, Apple plans to use dedicated screens, such as the ones it uses in its watches.

The agency stated that this feature may be added in the operating system “iOS 16”, by updating the lock screen.

Apple was expected to add this feature starting with the iPhone 13 versions, but the company postponed its launch, according to the agency

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