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You may find flight times and ticket prices on your mobile device for free

Why Skyscanner?

The sky scanner is the best option to bring you the best in the world. The sky scanner wants you to have all the options at your fingertips, from choosing a destination to finding the best price. That’s why we focus on making travel better for everyone. We are always committed to making the whole planning and booking experience easy, simple and enjoyable from start to finish, to ensure that you get the most out of your money and your journey, and to make the sky scanner industry more transparent and worthy of your trust. , Rated higher than Momonto and Expedia).

Get the best price

The sky scanner is priced with 1,200 travel companies, so you should not be disappointed. Sign up for Price Alerts, and we’ll tell you when fares change on a flight you like. Then you can decide whether to book or not.

Reasonable fare

The sky scanner shows you the results of many airlines and online travel agents. Travelers are important in what we do, so the sky scanner team will remove providers from Skyscanner if they believe you are not doing the right thing. Whether you’re flying, hotel or car rental (perhaps even three) you can quickly see your options, make plans from where you left off and save all your travel details in one place.

There is no pressure

The sky scanner never uses your data to inflate or artificially create demand. Sky scanner believes the price you see should be the price you pay and will not force you to book. No bad surprises or hidden fees.

From anywhere. Let’s search

Where to go? when? The possibilities are endless. Our ‘Everywhere’ search inspires millions of travelers to find the best fares from their chosen airport.

Found a place to stay ..

Your accommodation is also covered by sky scanner. Compare the best deals from thousands of hotels, resorts, apartments and hostels around the world. Or find rooms near your current location and get a last minute deal.

Book a car with pleasure ..

The sky scanner brought the same ease with which the sky scanner was booked, as well as the car rental. With filters for fuel policy and pickup location, you can choose the most suitable option. You can filter the search by vehicle type, fuel type and features. sky scanner The Fuel Fuel Policy flag will ensure that you do not overpay for fuel

Expert Remedies

e have been finding great flights since 2003 and sharing that knowledge with you. With mash-ups, you can mix and match flights to get the best deal as you fly out with one airline and back with another.
Check out the sky scanner ‘Greener Choice’ label, which highlights low CO2 emitting flights. The sky scanner has helped millions of passengers choose the flight with the lowest emission for their route. The sky scanner will never use your data to hide information or mislead you into booking something you do not need. That’s all your personal information – yours. Want to know more? Read the sky scanner cookie and privacy policies on the sky scanner scanner support teams are available seven days a week, offering you services in 30 languages.

Android phones can be downloaded by following this link

For Apple devices, go to this link and download ..

Find and book great deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. Your trip starts here.

Get inspiration, and plan and book your whole trip – we’re here to make it all super easy, wherever you are. Join 90+ million others who use us to find the best flight prices and amazing hotel discounts. Here, you can explore everything the travel industry has to offer. And there are no booking fees or hidden charges – just the best prices.

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