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General Security: We dealt with 1,942 reports and seized 231 violators of residency

The weekly statistics of the Public Security Sector showed that the sector in the security directorates of the six governorates, and the Operations Department, dealt during the past week with 1,942 communications via the Ministry of Interior’s safety phone.

The statistics indicated that public security men, under the supervision of the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Public Security Affairs, Major General Faraj Al-Zoubi, established 650 security checkpoints during the past week, which resulted in the arrest of 20 people who were found to be wanted criminals, and enforceable prison sentences were issued against them, adding: Through fixed and mobile security patrols and checkpoints, 231 violators of the residence and work law were arrested, and 138 expatriates were registered against cases of absenteeism.

The statistic indicated that public security officers arrested 304 people without identity proof, in addition to 50 seizures of drugs and referred them to the General Administration for Drug Control, as well as 11 factories for the production of local liquor, and 834 security assistance and security presence were provided in 722 various reports.

It revealed that the men of the public security sector were able to issue 2,055 miscellaneous traffic violations and referred 32 violating vehicles to the detention garage of the General Traffic Department, in addition to dealing with 764 traffic accidents, and seizing 34 vehicles wanted by security and judicial authorities, against which seizure and summon orders were issued.


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