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You can get a permanent ban on WhatsApp in these 3 cases

permanent ban on WhatsApp : If you think that the ban policy exists only on Facebook and Twitter, and that your WhatsApp account cannot be banned, you are wrong.

According to the usage policy, WhatsApp can permanently ban your account if it is involved in violating some criteria, such as intentionally sending a virus or trying to defraud a user. In this case, you will see a message saying: “Your phone number is prohibited from using WhatsApp. Contact support for assistance.”

And there are 3 mistakes you should stay away from, or you will be banned forever:

1- You should stay away from everything that causes people to feel upset, angry or hurt, which causes many users to report you to the application management. Your WhatsApp account may end up being banned.

2- Do not get involved in using unofficial versions of WhatsApp, such as GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. If the application management detects this, you will be banned.

3- Do not send deceptive texts and do not get involved in spreading false news and false news. If this is reported, you risk being banned

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