The Lebanese in Kuwait voted in the parliamentary elections

The atmosphere of dust did not prevent the Lebanese residing in Kuwait from carrying out their electoral duty, as hundreds of them cast their votes in the early hours of this morning, in an electoral atmosphere described by Al-Jarida observers as wonderful, democratic and in the midst of careful organization..

The elections were accompanied by security measures for rescuers, police and embassy guards, in addition to the presence of Kuwaiti associations that provided assistance to the elderly.

The ballot boxes were distributed according to the Lebanese districts, and each group is responsible for a ballot box. They accompany the voter and guide him to the place designated for him to reach the box. Volunteers and embassy employees, headed by Chargé d’Affairs Basil Oweidat and his deputy, Shadi Abu Dahr, worked to facilitate the voter casting their votes and to provide all their needs. .

The sources pointed out that “very high-end and logistical services were provided with financial support by the Lebanese-Kuwaiti Businessmen Council, so that no voter felt any kind of inconvenience, starting with car parks, passing through delivery services to the embassy headquarters, as air-conditioned buses were provided that departed from the island.” Green to the embassy headquarters.

It is worth noting that the Lebanese abroad elect today in 10 countries that adopt Friday as an official holiday: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, the Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, in addition to Iran. The number of voters in the ten countries is 30,929, distributed among 13 polling stations that include 77 polling stations, while the number of Lebanese registered in Kuwait is 5,700.

The number of voters reached about 900 until ten o’clock, after which it more than doubled at the first o’clock in the afternoon.

It is noteworthy that the process of counting votes for voters outside Lebanon will not take place outside Lebanon, but will be transferred, after stamping them with red wax, to Beirut and deposited in the Banque du Liban in preparation for their sorting, coinciding with the counting operations in Lebanon after the end of the internal electoral process on May 15.

The second stage of the parliamentary elections will take place on Sunday, May 8, when Lebanese non-residents registered to vote in the remaining 48 countries will vote.

The third and final stage of the parliamentary elections will take place on the 15th of this month in Lebanon.

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