Breaking News:Kuwait Cabinet cancels all health restrictions related to Corona ; Mask is optional

Today, Wednesday, the Council of Ministers decided to cancel all decisions issued related to Corona restrictions, in addition to canceling the formation of the “main committee to follow up on the implementation of health requirements related to combating the spread of the Corona virus.”

And government spokesperson, Tariq Al-Mazram, announced the cancellation of the PCR examination for the unvaccinated, as a condition of being present in educational institutions and workplaces, and that wearing a mask is optional inside all open and closed places, and a commitment to wearing a mask for those who have pathological symptoms.

Al-Muzram added that the Council of Ministers decided to allow individuals to enter all closed public places, regardless of the state of immunization, and without conducting a PCR examination.

Al-Muzaram said: “In light of the continued improvement of all indicators of the epidemiological situation in the State of Kuwait, and the high levels of immunization that provide community immunity, the Cabinet decided the following:

Regarding quarantine for contacts of positive cases

Cancellation of the quarantine period prescribed for individuals who were in contact with infected cases, regardless of their immunization status.

The commitment of individuals in contact to wear a mask for a period of “14” days from the date of the last contact.

Conducting a PCR examination if symptoms appear within “14” days from the date of contact.

Al-Muzaram said: It was decided to compel infected individuals to isolate home for a period of “5” days from the date of infection, with a commitment to wear a mask for a period of “5” days, abolishing the requirement of immunization and examining the PCR on all arrivals from abroad, regardless of the state of immunization.

It was also decided to allow the return of sports fans to stadiums completely for those who are not immunized, and to limit the use of the “Shlonak” application to follow up only positive cases.


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