Hajj prices are expected to increase by 40%

After the Saudi Ministry of Hajj determined Kuwait’s share of pilgrims to 3,622 pilgrims, expectations are increasing for a significant increase in Hajj prices. The country’s share, which was estimated at 8,000 pilgrims before the Corona pandemic, decreased by nearly 60%, which will open the door for the price to reach record numbers.

According to the initial indicators, which were monitored by Al-Qabas after the Saudi authorities announced the country’s share, the Hajj prices are expected to range between 3 and 4 thousand dinars, an increase of 40% compared to previous seasons.

The lack of numbers allocated to the campaigns, and the increase in costs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of electricity, buses, labor and tickets, in addition to the rents of buildings and others, will lead to some campaigns raising their prices, which were considered high mainly “before Corona”, compared to neighboring countries on the pretext of luxury and distinguished services that are provided for pilgrims.

Facilitated Hajj

Al-Qabas sources informed that Kuwait’s quota of 3,622 pilgrims will allocate 15% of it (approximately 543 pilgrims) for easy pilgrimage according to certain services and at a reduced price, and there will be subsequent and strict supervision by the Ministry of campaigns to follow up on the announced prices and the services provided, and the obligation to provide them to the pilgrim in full, as The amounts paid will have to be refunded in the event of a shortage of any service that the campaign will not be able to provide.

She pointed out that the number of pilgrims will be distributed equally among 75 approved and merged Kuwaiti campaigns, and their number after the merger is 48 campaigns.

Featured Services

Among the most prominent services that the Awqaf is keen to provide are security and safety services, food quality, health care in each campaign, air-conditioned buses, and housing with all amenities.

The sources confirmed that the Supreme Hajj Committee will meet soon to develop mechanisms and concepts for organizing Hajj this season, and work to provide services for pilgrims and not to exaggerate prices.

The sources indicated that the Higher Hajj Committee will discuss the solutions required to avoid observations made during the previous Hajj seasons.

The sources stressed that the Ministry of Awqaf will take strict measures against the violating campaigns, and they will be pursued in the country and in the Holy Land, and their advertisements will be monitored in all places.

Every season, the ministry seeks to put in place mechanisms to reduce prices, but it faces several obstacles, including the lack of approval by some campaigns on the pretext that they will suffer losses.

Demands are increasing for the need to take more decisive measures to control the upcoming Hajj season, which is considered the first after a halt imposed by the Corona pandemic, and the need to take a firm government pause from all concerned authorities to determine prices in a reasonable manner after the emergence of many reasons that are considered a trigger for price ignition.

Bidoon pilgrimage

The sources said that the Ministry of Awqaf will address the Saudi authorities to allocate a quota for “Bidoon” pilgrims, and to enable them to perform Hajj this season.

She indicated that coordination is underway with the Kingdom to approve the Bidoon pilgrimage, and the conditions that will be imposed to allow them to travel to the Holy Land.

Controls to prevent the exploitation of Hajj for political goals

The sources pointed out that the “Endowments” will circulate later on the campaigns with the necessity of emphasizing religious guides not to exploit the pilgrimage for any political purposes or sectarian strife in preaching.

And she added: It will be warned not to exploit the Hajj season in any propaganda matters, and to keep pilgrims away from any gatherings or marches during the performance of rituals, and to focus on obedience to the ruler and national unity and renounce extremism and violence.

monitoring teams

The sources pointed out that the Hajj Department will allocate teams to monitor services, pursue violating campaigns, receive complaints and inquiries, and provide solutions to them.

Suggested solutions to adjust prices

1 – Not distributing the numbers evenly and opening them up to any campaign that offers appropriate prices and services.

2- Providing government support for campaigns to avoid raising prices.

3- Canceling some non-essential services during Hajj and making them optional.

4 – Take the necessary measures to increase the proportion of the facilitated pilgrimage.

5- Dividing those wishing to perform Hajj into segments according to the desire and ability of the pilgrims.

6- Establishing a joint governmental mechanism between the “Endowments” and “Trade” to control prices     

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