Red Crescent: Distributing 2,300 Iftar meals to workers

The Red Crescent Society said that its annual charitable project during the holy month of Ramadan includes distributing 2,300 Iftar meals to workers, at the Society’s headquarters, Amghara, and a number of institutions in Kuwait as part of a series of humanitarian works.

The Secretary-General of the Society, Maha Al-Barjas, said in a press statement yesterday, Tuesday, on the sidelines of distributing Iftar meals at the Society’s headquarters, that this project will continue throughout the holy month of Ramadan, and includes 70,000 workers.

Al-Barjas added that this project comes as a continuation of the humanitarian aid provided by the association, sensing the religious, moral and humanitarian duty it is committed to.

She explained that the distribution of breakfast meals took place since the first day of the holy month at the association’s headquarters, Amghara and a number of state institutions, stressing the association’s keenness annually to implement many humanitarian initiatives and projects, including the project of distributing food baskets to needy families.

They stated that this step comes as an affirmation of the human values ​​and the true spirit of the holy month, in appreciation of workers who lack a family atmosphere, in addition to creating more intimacy and rapprochement between members of society, which falls within the association’s purposeful activities.

They called on the private sector, the people of Kuwait and the owners of white hands to donate and support to meet the needs of the needy throughout the country, especially in this blessed month, praising the volunteers, their activity and their determination to work despite the summer heat and the hardship of fasting in order to help the weak and make members of society happy.            


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