7 Thousand citizens and residents received vaccinations in 3 days

At a time when Kuwait is close to achieving the societal immunity required to overcome the Corona pandemic and its parameters, the medical and nursing teams continue their efforts to immunize all segments of society, especially during the month of Ramadan, which may witness an increase in infection rates as a result of frequent contact and social events.

Al-Qabas monitored the atmosphere of Ramadan work in a number of vaccination centers against Covid 19, including the Jaber Bridge Center, which operates from eight in the evening until twelve in the middle of the night, where the relative calm was a prominent feature of the atmosphere in the center, as well as the spread of medical staff in the designated paths for vaccination Citizens and residents.

Al-Qabas reported that about 7,000 citizens and residents received vaccinations during the past three days, in vaccination centers in the fairgrounds, primary health care centers, Jleeb Youth Center, and Sheikh Jaber Bridge.


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