Kuwait celebrates national holidays at Expo 2020 Dubai

Kuwait celebrated its National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai today, in the presence of the Minister of Information and Culture Hamad Rouh El-Din, who witnessed the official celebration, and a performance by a local artistic troupe reflected the historical legacy and civilizational development achieved by the country.

Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar, Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, welcomed the guest and the accompanying delegation upon their arrival at the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

Al-Marar congratulated the government and people of Kuwait on their 61st National Day, congratulating their distinguished participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, which showcased the capabilities of a country that was able to combine the past and the present, to form a long-term vision for its future. its government for sustainability, in line with Kuwait Vision 2035.

He added, “The cooperation between our two countries is witnessing continuous development in various fields, through various partnerships in areas of common interest, and the UAE is still working with its sister Kuwait, for a more prosperous future that brings us together.”

In turn, Minister Hamad Rouh El-Din said, “The choice of the Emirate of Dubai to host Expo 2020 Dubai for the first time in the Middle East, Africa and the Middle East region to manage this global event, is nothing but a blessing and global confidence in the ability of the United Arab Emirates to manage global events despite the challenges arising. On the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has left economic, social and health crises at the global level… to be a great achievement in addition to the achievements of the United Arab Emirates in all fields.

He added: “The State of Kuwait’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which is located in the Sustainability District, reflects the civilized and developmental face of the country, with the slogan (New Kuwait .. New Opportunities for Sustainability) to allow its visitors, who have crossed the two million barrier, to see the history of Kuwait, which is full of achievements, and its present is full of urban development and development renaissance. Its vision for the future is 2035.

The Kuwaiti National TV Troupe presented an artistic and lyrical show inspired by the traditional arts of the State of Kuwait and the Gulf region. The display reflected paintings of local folk traditions.

Emirati opera singer Amani Al-Hajji sang a song in several languages, including English and French, to the rhythms of traditional tambourines, accompanied by some well-known local songs.

The Kuwait Pavilion is located in the Sustainability Zone, in which the State affirms its commitment to sustainable development, to secure a safe and prosperous future for its economy, environment, cities and people.

The pavilion offers a special look at Kuwaiti architecture, which is inspired by Kuwait’s vision of sustainability. In the pavilion there is also the fascia, a facade that shimmers to reflect sunlight in an embodiment of the nature and energy of Kuwait.

In addition, the pavilion showcases Kuwaiti cuisine, as an unmissable experience to learn about Kuwaiti cuisine, which is full of distinctive flavors and spices.

National and Honorary Days at Expo 2020 Dubai are distinguished times to celebrate all the more than 200 international participants, to highlight their culture, achievements, and showcase their pavilions and programmes. Each of these patriotic and honorary days includes a flag-raising ceremonies at the Nations Platform in Al Wasl Square, followed by official speeches and cultural performances.

Expo 2020 Dubai will run until March 31, 2022, inviting visitors from all over the world to create a new world together, in a six-month celebration of human creativity, innovation, progress and culture.

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