Kuwait :Arab expatriates are majority in the government sector

While the percentage of Kuwaitis working in the government sector approached 80% of the total employees in this sector, labor market statistics showed that employees from Arab countries (excluding the Gulf countries) ranked second after national cadres in the government sector, where their percentage was the highest compared to employees from other countries.

According to labor market statistics issued by the Central Administration of Statistics, the number of employees from Arab countries, excluding the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, reached 45,809, or 10.4% of the total government sector employees, followed by employees from non-Arab Asian countries with a total of 34,181, i.e. 7.8% of the total employees. sector.

The figures showed that the number of employees in the government who are citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries amounted to 4,837 male and female employees, representing 1.1% of the total employees, while the rest of the non-Kuwaiti employees were distributed among groups of other countries, as the number of employees in the government sector from non-Arab African countries reached 249 male and female employees. From Europe countries 502 male and female employees, from North American countries 425 male and female employees, from South America 38 male and female employees, and from Australia and New Zealand 39 male and female employees.

It was remarkable that 2,910 employees in the government sector were classified under the “not shown” item in the statistic. Arabs “non-co-operation countries”

Source :https://alqabas.com/article/5875636

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