Inauguration of devices for checking bags and individuals at Salmi Customs

The General Administration of Customs launched HISCAN and BSCAN bags and personnel screening devices at Salma port.

The Acting Director General of the General Administration of Customs, Suleiman Al-Fahd, said that these devices are working to improve the customs work environment at the Salmi port and provide it with the latest supportive inspection devices that work to further tighten customs control, and training of national cadres has been completed to operate these devices to work around the clock. The provision of these devices has also been completed at the Nuwaiseeb border port, within the framework of a plan that the General Administration of Customs is working to implement with the participation of project management specialists and in cooperation with the investing company.

Inspectors from the General Administration of Customs were trained on how to use the Hi-Scan baggage and personal baggage scanner at the Salmi Border Post, and were trained to use the B-Scan, 18 Hi-scan courses and 18 B-scan courses were carried out. Within the framework of the plan to develop human cadres from the inspectors of the General Administration of Customs, rely on national cadres and provide them with the necessary skills.


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