Sixties rejoiced at the renewal decision: Thank you, Kuwait of Humanity

The announcement of the Minister of Justice, Minister of State for Integrity Enhancement, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Manpower, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, to allow the issuance of work permits for expatriate workers who have reached the age of sixty years and above who hold a high school certificate or less and its equivalent certificates, was met with great satisfaction in Among the sixty-year-olds.

They stressed that this step is not alien to the Kuwait of humanity, pointing out that many of them work in handicrafts, technical and mechanical workshops, in addition to industrial and other works, and it was not easy for them to leave Kuwait, which they lived for many years on its good land.

A number of the 60-year-olds reiterated that they had lived most of their lives on this good land, and contributed to its construction, stressing that the amendment of the decision pleased their hearts and brought them back a sense of reassurance and stability.

They pointed out to Al-Qabas that reviewing the decision contributes to family reunification, whose previous decision threatened not to continue their presence in Kuwait, where they lived and grew up for many years, including people who only travel to their countries a few times.

Ali Al-Uqla indicated that the renewal fees set at 250 dinars annually are reasonable, but the value of the comprehensive health insurance is the most important currently, assuring Al-Qabas that determining the value of the annual insurance should be within the capacity of simple categories of 60-year-old workers.

For his part, Radi Shehab stated that since the announcement of the decision, there has been general satisfaction among the sixties workers, especially workers in the fields of manual, technical and mechanical professions and factory and restaurant workers.

As for Mona Bassiouni, she considered that Kuwait is not only a place to work and earn a living, but also a second home for expatriates who lived there more than they live in their countries, noting that solving the crisis of renewing work permits brought joy to the hearts of thousands of families residing in Kuwait.

In addition, an official source expected to Al-Qabas that the renewal of work permits would start next Sunday after the decision was published in the official Al-Kuwait Al-Youm newspaper, while labor departments are awaiting the controls for renewal and how the transactions are received.

He added: It is expected that the reception mechanism will be determined, either through the easier electronic system or the electronic forms system in which the attachments are uploaded and then reviewed by the departments for approval and renewal.

For her part, Director of the Public Relations Department, official spokeswoman for the “Manpower” Aseel Al-Mazeed, interacted with journalists’ questions about the date for implementing the new decision and its mechanism, as she confirmed that the authority would announce the date for receiving renewal requests and the mechanism designated for that. 

 6 gains for the decision

1- Contribute to the stability of the labor market

2 – Benefit from the expertise of craftsmen and professionals

3- Improving Kuwait’s image of humanity

4 – Many families reunited with their families

5- Achieving great benefits for the national economy

6- Serving a lot of small businesses and projects

4 ministers passed the “60”… and Al-Jalawi settled it in a week

After the amendments of the 60 decision passed to 4 ministers, the Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Integrity Affairs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, resolved it a week after transferring the affiliation of the Public Authority for Manpower to his ministerial portfolio on January 18.

During the meeting of the board of directors of the authority yesterday headed by Al-Jalawi, there was satisfaction among the members who voted on the decision in the new formula approved by the minister and announced at a value of 250 dinars for annual renewal in addition to health insurance. 

6 differences between the decisions of Al-Jalawi and Salman

In comparison between Minister Al-Jalawi’s decision to amend the decision of 60 and allow renewal, the board of directors of the authority amended its latest proposal announced by the former Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman in its last meeting with them, where it was found that there are 6 differences between the two decisions, namely:

1 – Cancellation of the exception for Kuwaiti-borns
2 – Abolition of the requirement to bring security registration annually

3- Abolition of the requirement to withdraw children of their sixties from public schools

4- Reducing the value of the annual renewal fee to 250 dinars annually instead of 500 dinars

5- Adding an exception for Kuwaiti wives

6- Adding comprehensive health insurance from an insurance company 

A timeline of the proposals for the “60” amendments

2000 dinars, including health insurance, as an annual value

1000 dinars, including health insurance, as an annual value

500 dinars to renew work permits and 500 dinars for health insurance annually

250 dinars and comprehensive health insurance from an insurance company listed in the financial markets :Source

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