Two dinars for entering the natural reserves

The decision of the Environment Public Authority has been published in Kuwait Al-Youm regarding the entry fees for nature reserves and its affiliated eco-parks, which are estimated at two dinars for each person over the age of 10, and one dinar for those aged ten years and under.

These reserves constitute more than 12 percent of the country’s total area. This area is subject to increase in accordance with the policy and requirements of the state.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

It includes 10 reserves, including 8 wild ones, namely: Al-Khuwaisat Reserve (Al-Jahra), Sabah Al-Ahmad Nature Reserve, Al-Sulaibikhat Gulf Reserve (Doha), Umm Naga Reserve, Umm Qadir Reserve, Wadi Al-Batin Reserve, Al-Huwaimliah Reserve and Saad Reserve, in addition to two Britan Reserves. They are classified under the name of “ecological enclosure and the center of wildlife” in the Al-Liah area, as well as the Al-Qurain district. There are two marine reserves, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Reserve and Sulaibikhat Marine Reserve.

350 species of birds cross Kuwait

Kuwait represents an important geographical spot in the path of the main bird migration, as more than 350 species of birds pass through the country, and there are large numbers of them that hatch in Kuwait and settle there throughout the year.ة

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