148,000 people came into the country during the first 12 days of 2022

While Kuwait International Airport returned, yesterday morning, to receiving flights as usual and normally, and the first flight belonging to Kuwait Airways landed from Dammam at 8:30 am. about 148,000 people entered the country within 12 days, since the beginning of the year. current.oin Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

total of 1,345 arrival flights carried 147,814 passengers, while the total departing flights were 1,349 aircraft, carrying 124294 passengers.

Yesterday morning, a wave of fog cleared from the country’s airspace, which, since Wednesday night – Thursday, prevented 11 planes from landing at Kuwait International Airport, as they were diverted to neighboring airports, after the horizontal visibility decreased to less than 500 meters.

Sources told Al-Rai that the fog caused the diversion of two flights for Kuwait Airways, one for Al-Jazeera, three for Turkish Airlines, and one for British Airways, Indian Airlines, Fly Dubai and Emirates Airlines.

They explained that the fog extended from Bahrain to Basra, which led to diverting the majority of flights to Dammam and the Emirates, after the closure of Kuwait Airport, and the overcrowding of Manama Airport with planes, while all departure and arrival flights were rescheduled, and navigation returned to work at full capacity at a later time.



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