A quarter of a million expatriates left Kuwait permanently in 2021

While efforts continued to modify the demographic structure and implement the Kuwaitization plan in the state’s agencies, the labor market witnessed several changes during the past world, most notably 257,000 expatriates leaving the country permanently (205,000 of them work in the private sector, and 7,000 in government agencies).

Recent government reports issued by the Civil Information Authority and the Labor Market System revealed that the private sector was the most expatriate to leave, followed by the family sector “domestic labor”, which saw 41,200 domestic workers leave the country during 2021.

In contrast to the rate of decline in the expatriate labor market, the number of Kuwaitis in the labor market increased by a total of 23,000 Kuwaitis during 2021, the majority of whom are in the government sector.

According to reports, there are 2.7 million people in the country in the labor market, of whom Kuwaitis constitute 16.2%, while a large proportion of expatriate workers work in the family sector “domestic workers” with a total of 639,000 workers, constituting 22.8% of the labor force.




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