Omicron limits travel movement at Kuwait Airport

As the world celebrates the New Year 2022, the repercussions of the new mutation of the Corona virus “Omicron” are clouding the movement of travel and travelers during the New Year’s holiday, in light of government calls not to travel abroad except for necessity.

According to statistics obtained by Al-Qabas regarding the movement of passengers from Kuwait Airport during the New Year holidays from December 31 to January 2, the total expected flights amount to 825 flights, including 412 incoming flights and 413 departures.

The statistics revealed that the total number of departures will be about 91,000, including 51,000 departures, and 40,000 arriving at Kuwait International Airport.

In this regard, Al-Qabas sources confirmed that the airport is preparing for the movement of arriving and departing passengers by tightening health procedures, and emphasizing the health precautions recently issued by the Council of Ministers.

No increase in flights

The sources added that the New Year holiday will not witness any additional flights on the travel schedules, as the flights were scheduled according to the previous monthly plans for the movement of aircraft and passengers without an increase in them.

The sources stated that the travel destinations during the New Year holidays varied between Turkey, Doha, Dubai and Cairo.

She stated that the General Administration of Civil Aviation, in coordination with the agencies operating at Kuwait International Airport, led by the Ministry of Interior, intensified its efforts to deal with the movement of passengers at this time by emphasizing the application of precautionary health measures, especially during holiday seasons and other occasions.

Facilitate travel procedures

She indicated that the airport workers are doing their best to ease and facilitate all procedures for travelers as soon as possible, in light of the keenness to open a sufficient number of passenger acceptance counters and their luggage, increase the number of employees, limit the entry of depositors, set up barriers to organize travelers’ paths, and operate all lines. Baggage inspection process.

It is worth noting that the 2021 New Year’s holiday witnessed a suspension of commercial air traffic to and from Kuwait International Airport, while the New Year’s holiday during the period from December 31, 2019 to January 4, 2020, witnessed the movement of passengers, amounting to about a quarter of a million passengers. :Source


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