Shadows of Omicron hang over the airport

Despite the advent of the end of the Gregorian year holiday, which usually witnesses a large movement of travel, Kuwait International Airport entered a state of “winter hibernation” with a small number of departures. This situation is reinforced by the coincidence of the holiday with students’ exams at university and schools, and the large spread of the new mutant. Omicron” in countries that are considered a destination for travelers, in addition to the decision of the Council of Ministers to obligate returnees to home quarantine for a period of 10 days.

All of these factors contributed greatly to paralyzing the departure movement, and the cancellation of many flights, which made Kuwait International Airport in a state of longing for the departures who preferred not to travel during the period, for fear of catching the virus, and some precautionary measures, in addition to the fear of the airport closure.

Airport’s traffic situation yesterday, between departure and arrival, and met with the Deputy Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation for Planning and Projects Affairs and its spokesperson, Saad Al-Otaibi, who stressed the administration’s commitment to implementing the recent decisions of the Council of Ministers issued on December 20, which came based on recommendations From the health authorities, where a circular was issued by the administration to all airlines operating at Kuwait Airport to implement these new procedures.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

Al-Otaibi pointed out that “one of the most prominent of these decisions is not to allow travel outside Kuwait for citizens who have been 9 months since receiving the completed dose approved by the State of Kuwait, and considering them not fully immunized unless they receive the booster dose as of next Sunday, the second of January.” .

Al-Otaibi concluded that “the decision of the Council of Ministers recommends not to travel except for necessity, especially with the increasing number of infections in the world after the emergence of the mutated strain of the new Omicron virus. Security and safety during their travels during the coming period.”

For his part, Director of Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Mansour Al-Hashemi, announced in a statement to Al-Rai that “in implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers that entered into implementation last Sunday, all measures were taken according to the recommendations and circulars in force at Kuwait International Airport, in Dealing with developments in the spread of the Corona virus and the new mutant (Omicron), based on the concern for public safety and health that are followed in all procedures with travelers through Kuwait Airport, where we work with the operating authorities according to the utmost care, to prevent the spread of the mutant, in cooperation with companies Domestic and international aviation.

Al-Hashemi revealed that “Kuwait International Airport witnessed, on the first day of implementation of the cabinet decision, last Sunday, 200 flights, with an average of 100 departures and 100 arrivals, with a number of 12,998 passengers arriving, and about 11,289 passengers leaving.”

He pointed out that “all arrivals must obtain a valid PCR certificate, in addition to the need to register in the immunity application and my identity, and to have the vaccines approved in Kuwait, and to upload them on the Ministry of Health website or the exception according to the specific conditions of that, and in the event of his arrival at Kuwait Airport, he is obligated All arrivals at the Shlonak platform and home quarantine for 10 daysJoin Our Telegram group to know the latest news

And it will not be allowed to leave any traveler who has not passed the period of the scheduled home quarantine unless he takes a smear with a negative result, 72 hours after his arrival in the country.



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