A new feature from “WhatsApp” regarding group voice calls

The encrypted instant messaging platform “WhatsApp” is testing a new feature that makes individual and group voice calls more easy and quality, according to press reports.

And the “Times News Now” website indicated that “WhatsApp”, previously owned by “Meta” or “Facebook”, is currently testing a new interface for voice calls.

And leaked screenshots from within the “WhatsApp” administration showed this new interface, which makes voice calls more compact and modern, and organizes the available space on the phone.

It is expected that “WhatsApp” will introduce this feature in its beta version soon, before it will be released on its version in the “Android” operating system, and the rest of the operating systems at a later time, according to Sabq newspaper.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

This interface differs from the other feature that was previously introduced by the “WhatsApp” application, which is to preview voice messages before sending them; This feature focuses on voice calls, giving users more options to manage them.

The new voice call interface will be an opportunity for users to conduct their meetings more easily and with better sound quality than is currently available.
The Live Mint website said that WhatsApp is currently testing a large number of new features, including a feature that allows group administrators to delete messages from all members.

The source clarified that the famous application is currently testing the feature internally, and may soon release it to the public within version

And the phrase “This message has been deleted by the administrator” will appear in the group, and it will be visible to everyone, according to Sky News.

WhatsApp has enabled its users to choose to hide their messages after various periods of time thanks to a new update.

And the Meta-owned messaging app has expanded the options for its messaging feature, which was introduced late last year.

In addition to the ability to make messages disappear after seven days, users now have two additional options for the deletion period – 24 hours and 90 days.

Turning on the Hide Messages feature will cause all new messages from the selected chat to disappear after the user’s specified time period.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

People may want to choose to delete their messages for a personal reason, for example, they may contain sensitive information they don’t want to access anywhere – not even on WhatsApp, which is end-to-end encrypted.

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