The airport received 10,000 arrivals from various destinations

While the new Cabinet decisions regarding the application of home quarantine for those coming to the country entered into force, Kuwait International Airport received 65 incoming flights carrying about 10,000 passengers, according to Al-Qabas sources, while 99 flights departed to various destinations amid strict health measures. 

The travel movement at Kuwait International Airport proceeded normally and smoothly without any operational obstacles to the implementation of Cabinet decisions regarding arrivals, as it was emphasized the need to prove immunization upon arrival to the country by applying my identity or immunity in front of all arrivals.

Top Destinations

The travel destinations coming to the country varied, as the airport received flights from India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, London, Turkey and Paris, where the flight schedules did not witness any change or cancellation of some destinations.

According to sources to Al-Qabas, the procedures for entering the country went normally, and there were no problems amid the increase in health awareness among the arrivals, stressing that the work teams received them, and was keen to implement the health procedures so that they are in place.

And it indicated that the new decisions require that no passenger coming to the country be accepted unless after submitting a negative PCR examination certificate proving that it is free from the Corona virus, provided that it is valid 48 hours before arrival, and that the home quarantine is applied for 10 days after arrival, with the possibility of ending the quarantine. Before that, if a PCR test is performed after at least 72 hours from the time of arrival, it is proven that it is free of the Corona virus.

The sources reassured that the airport is still operating according to the operational plans for commercial flights, explaining that coordination is in full swing with all the authorities operating at the airport to follow up on any developments in that regard. :Source


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