Tariq Al-Muzram:The concerned authorities are ready to confront the rapid spread of Omicron

Today, Sunday, the head of the Government Communication Center, Tariq Al-Muzram, affirmed the keenness of the concerned government agencies to follow up on the latest developments of the new mutated Corona virus (Omicron) and to prepare to confront the rapid spread of it in various countries of the world.

Al-Muzram said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) after the meeting of the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies at Bayan Palace headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Al-Ali that the concerned government agencies are always ready to confront any developments that may arise regarding confronting the Corona virus.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

He called on citizens and residents to receive the third booster dose of the approved vaccine for the Corona virus, stressing the need to adhere to health requirements, especially while attending social events.

He stressed the importance of everyone’s continued cooperation, “as we accustomed to them previously” in implementing health requirements, especially wearing masks in closed places, in a way that embodies teamwork in order to maintain the stability of the health situation in the State of Kuwait.



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