Civil Aviation: There is no closure of the airport, and health matters are good

The Director of the Civil Aviation Administration, Yousef Al-Fawzan, assured citizens and residents that things are currently good in Kuwait, and there is no closure of the airport again, nor a return to square one, stressing in a statement to Al-Jarida that the health situation in the country is under control.

Despite the cabinet’s call not to travel except for necessity, Al-Fawzan made it clear that the airlines’ flights continue according to their schedules, and there has been no change in them.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news

Regarding vaccination certificates, he said that for those coming to Kuwait with a vaccination certificate with a “QR” code, it is possible to travel with it without approval from the Ministry of Health, unlike certificates that do not have this code, as it is required to send them to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health website for approval before coming.

In parallel, the “Civil Aviation” announced the start of implementing the decisions of the Council of Ministers issued in its last session regarding not allowing travel outside Kuwait for citizens who have been 9 months since receiving the second dose, and considering them not fully immunized unless they receive the booster (revitalization) dose starting from January 2 next.

And the administration said in a statement yesterday that the State of Kuwait will not accept any passenger entry to it unless after submitting a negative “PCR” examination certificate proving that it is free of the virus, provided that it is valid for 48 hours, from the date of the smear to the time of acceptance on the flight, with the application of the stone. The home is 10 days after arriving in the State of Kuwait, and the possibility of ending it before that in the event that the swab is performed after at least 72 hours from the time of arrival proves that it is free of “Corona”.

They pointed out that those vaccinated in the State of Kuwait are proven to be vaccinated upon arrival through the “Immunity” or “My Identity” application. As for those vaccinated outside it, their immunization is proven by proving the vaccination certificate, including the name corresponding to the passport, the type of vaccine, the date of taking the dose, and the name of the vaccination body. And the “QR” code is readable electronically, and in the absence of this code, the vaccination certificate is downloaded through the link of the Ministry of Health website for accreditation.

The administration pointed out that these procedures will apply to those coming to Kuwait, from Sunday, the 26th of this month, until further notice.Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news



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