155 thousand have received booster dose in Kuwait

formed health sources revealed that the number of people who received the third booster dose in Kuwait amounted to 154,717 doses as of yesterday evening.

The sources confirmed to “Al-Jarida” that the total number of recipients of the first dose of the vaccine against “Covid 19”, amounted to 3 million and 315 thousand and 611 doses, or 84.5% of the population, while the total recipients of two doses of the vaccine reached 3 million and 182 thousand and 639. dose by 81.1 percent of the population.

The sources pointed out that the current epidemiological scene is witnessing a continuation of the epidemiological decline of the mutated “delta”, and the improvement in demand for the booster dose, accompanied by an expansion in securing vaccination centers in all governorates.

The sources called on the public to take the initiative to vaccinate and receive the booster dose, especially for people with diseases and those who are bedridden. This service is available and available to everyone through the bedridden vaccination platform.

She called for the importance of caution and adherence to preventive precautions to avoid spreading infection, revealing the Ministry of Health’s intention to start vaccinating the age group from 5 to 11 years within the next few weeks, following scientific studies that proved that the mutant “Omicron” affects children more than others.

In the past few days, with the increasing fears of the spread of the mutant “Omicron”, the Kuwait Vaccination Center in the exhibition grounds in the Mishref area witnessed a large crowd to receive the third booster dose, and long queues extended in Hall 5 to take the third dose, which studies have proven to be of great importance in raising and strengthening immunity. and reduce infection with the virus.

preventative health

On the other hand, the Public Health Services Department in the Capital Health Region organized yesterday a “Preventive Health Day” event, under the slogan “Your health is our goal, your protection is our training”, at Abdul Rahman Al Mughni Health Center in Al Fayhaa.

The mental health doctor at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Shammari told Al-Jarida that the event aimed to highlight the role of preventive health during the “Corona” pandemic, in addressing epidemics, infectious and viral diseases, and protecting society from epidemics.

Al-Shammari stressed the need to receive the third booster dose in protection from the new mutant “Omicron”, calling on those who did not receive the first and second doses to take the initiative to receive the vaccine to protect themselves and society.

He added that the treatment protocols followed by the Ministry of Health during the pandemic will remain unchanged with the mutant “Omicron”.

He stressed the importance of adhering to health requirements and adhering to precautionary measures, the most important of which is wearing a mask, physical distancing and constantly washing hands.


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