5 revolutionary features of WhatsApp in 2022

 it is expected that users of the popular WhatsApp messaging system, WhatsApp, will receive a large series of new updates, which will reach the application in the next year 2022.https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.491.0_en.html#goog_2184757340 seconds of 15 secondsVolume 0%This ad will end in 7 

And according to the “southwalesargus” website, WhatsApp is part of the social media empire owned by Mark Zuckerberg, which also includes the Facebook and Instagram platforms that are used by millions around the world, so the company “Meta” Facebook previously plans to add a set of advanced features to its services in 2022 by improving the user experience .

Here are the 5 most important features expected to appear in the WhatsApp application during 2022

1. Unlimited deletion for everyone:
Currently, the WhatsApp user gets a limited time before deleting the message for everyone in the chat, which is 68 minutes and 16 seconds, before the sent message becomes undeletable for everyone in the chat and you will not be able to delete it for you.

The latest reports indicate that WhatsApp plans to extend the duration of deleting messages and make it unlimited in a future update, which means that the user can remove any message he wants to delete at any time.

2. Sign out of WhatsApp:
WABetaInfo, a website dedicated to WhatsApp news, claimed that the popular messaging app is testing a new feature called “Logout.” The new feature has been spotted inside the new beta version of the application on Android, and it allows you to sign out. on one device while still being signed in on another.

3. View Instagram Reels:
More news from the WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo indicates that the social chat service may soon add a feature dedicated to displaying Instagram Reels clips directly from the WhatsApp application, and this may be part of Meta’s plan to integrate all the services it owns.

4. Read Later:
The Read Later feature is basically an updated version of the Archived Chats feature, which when activated will hide and mute notifications from chats that the user labels annoying. This feature will also include Vacation Mode where the Read Later option will work in the same way. How to archive chats in the current version of WhatsApp.

5. Hide from specific contacts:
In the current version of WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen or last online time on the app from all your contacts, but you can’t hide your last seen from specific contacts, but the messaging service is changing this The option, so that when you go to the “Last Seen” settings, you will see an additional option called “My contacts except”, with it you can select the contacts from which you want to hide your last seen detail


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