Warning to WhatsApp users.. a simple error that exposes you to a permanent ban

The instant messaging company “WhatsApp” is cracking down on unofficial versions of the application that provide additional features, as users of the “GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Delta” applications of the fake versions are at risk of being banned from the original service under the new rules.

WhatsApp users who log in with “cloned” versions of the app are banned, and in some cases, can lose their chat logs forever, as part of the company’s crackdown on third-party versions of the app, which are very popular but violate the company’s rules, according to the company. It was reported by the British newspaper, The Sun.

Android apps often share many features of the same name, but with a number of additional features, they may provide the ability to auto reply, send more photos, or hide reading access, among other features not available in the “real” app. Replicas are created by anonymous developers, clones are not available on the Google Play Store and must instead be downloaded via a web page.Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

In the new update, WhatsApp confirmed that users of cloned applications are banned from WhatsApp, under its terms of service, as they face a permanent ban from the application unless they move to the official version.

And the American company said: “If you receive an in-app message that your account is temporarily banned, it means that you are most likely using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp application, and if you do not switch to the official application after it was temporarily banned, your account may be banned. Permanently using WhatsApp.Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering


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