The Ministry of Education prepares its schools for the rainy season

The competent authorities in the Ministry of Education have started the necessary preparations for the expected rainy season, and specialists have been instructed to work on cleaning school roofs and rain sewers to ensure drainage and non-accumulation of water for the safety of buildings.

In this context, the Undersecretary of Educational Facilities and Planning, M. Yassin Al-Yassin, Undersecretary of Public Education, regarding the necessary preparations for the rainy season, pointing out the importance of instructing school principals at all educational stages to coordinate with the concerned authorities to take the necessary precautionary measures for the rainy season, in an urgent manner in order to preserve the safety of buildings, and to avoid any damage or blemishes to the roofs.

Al-Yassin stressed the importance of ensuring the cleanliness of roofs and rain “fluids” and cleaning and removing dust, weeds and waste, especially around water expenses, in addition to ensuring the cleanliness of rainwater drainage manholes in all school facilities, especially the flag yard, with an emphasis on not using fire hoses or others in operations. Cleaning and removing dust inside the manholes.

He also stressed the need to remove and cover furniture and computers away from the places where the accident occurred, and to turn off the electricity and not operate it in the places close to the accident, and not to open and restore the electric current except in the presence of electrical engineers who are affiliated with the maintenance.

In addition, educational sources confirmed to Al-Jarida that the problem of sludge in school buildings usually occurs due to the accumulation of dust and waste in the sewers that drain water on the roofs, which causes water retention, and consequently the occurrence of sludge and damage to school buildings, pointing out that cleaning these sewage and ensuring that Its safety will have a significant impact in preventing the occurrence of burrs.

In a related context, “Al Jarida” learned from its sources that the interviews committee for male cleaners has completed interviews for 380 workers so far, explaining that the administrative sector has begun procedures for their appointment in coordination with the Civil Service Commission, where they will be appointed in the contract system with a lump sum salary of 190 dinars.

The sources added that their procedures regarding appointment and transfer of residency are expected to be completed under the Ministry’s sponsorship, noting that their delivery of work will likely be at the beginning of the second semester to fill the shortage of workers that schools suffer this year.

The sources indicated that the committees for interviewing male and female cleaners will continue until next March, and the ministry is counting on providing 2,100 cleaners after obtaining approvals from the competent authorities in providing job grades for their appointment and filling the shortage, pointing out that the ministry resorted to appointing cleaners after facing Some obstacles in the work of companies responsible for hygien


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