Kuwait is second in the Gulf in food security

Despite its decline by 0.7 percent compared to last year, Kuwait ranked second in the Gulf and 30 globally out of 113 countries, in the Food Security Index for the year 2021 issued by the “Economist Impact Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

The Global Food Security Index (GFSI), which is a quantitative and qualitative dynamic model for benchmarking and based on 58 unique indicators to measure the drivers of food security in both developing and developed countries, takes into account 4 factors when classifying:

1- Food cost tolerance: This factor measures consumers’ ability to purchase food, their exposure to price shocks, and the existence of programs and policies to support consumers when shocks occur.

2- Food availability: it is exposed to the adequacy of the national food supply, the risk of supply disruptions, the national capacity to spread food and research efforts to expand agricultural production.

3- Quality and safety: This factor measures the diversity and quality of nutrition, as well as food safety.

4 – Natural resources: This factor assesses the resilience and extent of the country’s exposure to climate change risks, its impact on natural resources risks, and how the country adapts to these risks.

The Economist Impact pointed out that over the past 10 years, Kuwait’s performance in the global food security index has increased by 3.3 percent.

At the level of the region, it was clear the superiority of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which occupied the first 6 ranks in the food security index, and Qatar topped the group after it ranked 24 globally, followed by Kuwait (30), the UAE third (35), then Oman (40). Then Bahrain (43), then Saudi Arabia (44).

The report classified countries’ performance into four categories: best performers, good performers, moderate performers, and countries that need further improvement.

In this regard, Kuwait ranked next to the rest of the Gulf countries in the category of countries with good performance, scoring 72.7 points out of 100 points. In the sub-indicators, Kuwait ranked 44th globally in bearing the cost of food, and 12th globally in food availability, and in 20th in its quality and safety, and 93rd globally in natural resources and resilience


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