7 golden rules for managing your money

any people think that they need a high paying job in order to improve their finances, but most people can improve their ability to invest and save, and achieve their financial goals, if only they manage their money better.
Since a large number of people find it difficult to make financial plans, in this report we review simple and effective tips, enabling anyone to improve their financial situation. Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

Here are 7 effective tips that can help you manage your money better:

1- Track expenses

Better money management starts with expense tracking, so experts advise people to use expense tracker apps to identify unnecessary expenses like eating or drinks outside, and make a plan to reduce such expenses.

2- Prepare a realistic monthly budget

Many people set a very strict monthly budget, and after a little time they start not sticking to it, so it is important not to set a budget that is difficult to implement.

  • If a person orders food from outside four times a week, for example, it is a mistake to set a budget that does not include eating outside even once, but the budget set must be realistic, and commensurate with the person’s lifestyle and spending habits.

3- Create an emergency fund

Even if a person saves very small amounts in an emergency fund, it will help him deal with unforeseen circumstances, and he can rely on it instead of borrowing at a high interest rate.

4- Pay your bills on time every month

Paying bills on time is an effective way to manage money wisely, as this avoids people paying late fines, and instead directs money to necessary expenses.

5- Unsubscribe from non-essential services

Some people subscribe to many services, but not most, if not all, of them, such as streaming services and mobile applications that require payment.

  • Experts advise people to review the expenses of these services, and to opt out of unnecessary services, as this will save a lot of money that can be saved.

6- Save money for big purchases

  • Most people resort to borrowing in order to make large purchases such as buying a house or a car, but it is better and safer to save money for such operations.

When a person buys a house with cash, he avoids paying interest, and will use this amount instead, which he can use to make large purchases.

7- Develop an investment strategy

Even if a person’s ability to invest is limited, any small amounts he invests will accumulate and bring him a return, and this can be achieved by opening a retirement account, or by opening any other investment account.


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