The residency trade is active again

Al-Qabas reported that After the relevant authorities dealt successive blows to the fictitious companies and profiteers from the residency trade, this suspicious activity came back to the fore again, and the country was barely breathing from the repercussions of the epidemic and heading towards openness and allowing the re-issuance of visas until the residency brokers became active.

Al-Qabas once again monitored the return of the residency trade exchange, and advertisements spread through social media, in which delegates and brokers offer work permits and commercial visit cards, as well as the transfer of residency, and each transaction has a price. 

It was remarkable that the brokers relied on a new angle to recruit workers, which is the commercial visa, whose price reached 400 dinars, and its duration is only one month and is non-transferable, while the price of a transferable commercial visa reaches 1000 dinars.

According to Al-Qabas monitoring, the price of a free visa ranges between 1,500 and 1,700 dinars, as the person who purchases it obtains a residence title linked to his academic qualification, “if any.”

Other delegates did not stop their activity when promoting free work visas, but rather announced the transfer of residency between companies with government, civil or craft contracts, and the transfer price ranged between 500 and 650 dinars, while the job of “driver” needs 700 dinars.

An official source in the “Manpower” told that the majority of brokers of shell companies are active in Egypt and India to attract job seekers in Kuwait. The source stressed the continued pursuit of fictitious companies and residency dealers, indicating that the referral of about 2,000 fictitious companies to the prosecution since the emergence of the Corona pandemic revealed hundreds of those involved in the introduction of random workers into the country.

The source indicated that the labor protection sector and the Inspection Department deal daily with dozens of complaints, and investigations are underway to find out whether there is a link between them and the residency trade.

business visa

Source contacted an official of one of the tourist travel agencies in Egypt, and he confirmed that it holds a license in Cairo, indicating the availability of commercial visas for those who wish to travel to Kuwait, but these visas are not converted into residencies. When a security source was asked about this announcement, he said: « This type of visa allows him to convert to a residence permit on the applicant’s file only.” However, it seems that the file approved for granting visas does not contain a sufficient labor estimate, and therefore it is used monthly for new visits.

The source pointed out: There is a vigorous follow-up to the issue of issuing and transferring commercial visas, and in the event of suspicions revolving around the files, coordination with the “manpower force” is carried out, and accordingly, measures are taken up to granting the visa conversion into a work residence.

free accommodation

Despite the repeated warnings issued by the Public Authority for Manpower regarding the lack of what is known as a “free” work permit in the country, the delegates, through fake accounts, still delude their victims from among the targeted youth who wish to come to Kuwait, that the opportunity to work with this type of visa is distinct and keeps you free when Your arrival in the country.

The price of the free visa ranges between 1,500 and 1,700 dinars and has a duration of one year. Those who purchase it obtain a residence permit with a name related to their academic qualifications “if any.” Through these pages, he announced the travel of people to Kuwait on new visas under the name of legal researcher, accountant, driver and others.

And it was clear in the repeated announcements that there are other countries that have become more willing for workers to reach them, such as “the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar” to work in them, given that the visa system is easier than the Kuwait system, in which government procedures have become very severe in the face of attempts to trade in residency .

University degrees are an obstacle facing delegates

It was clear in the ongoing dialogue between delegates and those wishing to obtain work visas to Kuwait, through comments on the social media pages, that the conditions of the Public Authority for Manpower regarding issuing new work permits and linking them to academic qualifications and estimating the need for each file of employment is a dilemma facing delegates.

The residency trade delegates stipulated in some of their advertisements the necessity of having an academic qualification certificate stamped and certified by the Kuwaiti embassy and “higher education” in the country of issuance in order to issue the permit with the required title.

“Manpower”: Do not tolerate the residency trade

An official source in the Public Authority for Manpower stressed that there will be no tolerance for the residency trade and we will not allow the random recruitment of workers to the country.

He pointed out that protecting employment and improving Kuwait’s reputation is a top priority through the labor protection sector and the Inspection Department, where complaints are daily dealt with and investigated to determine the causes of labor problems, and whether there is a link between them and the residency trade or not, pointing to continuous coordination with the Residence Affairs Investigations in the Ministry of the Interior in this regard.

professional titles

Some company representatives did not stop at calling for free work visas, but rather announced their ability to provide internal residency transfer between companies, whether governmental or private contract, or even factories, under any professional title.

When communicating with a representative named Muhammad Ahmed to obtain an internal transfer, he pointed out that the price of residence under the name of an accountant needs 600 dinars in cash, and a work permit will be issued to the worker with a salary of 650 dinars, to facilitate the procedures for obtaining a driver’s license.

But if you want to transfer to the title of “driver”, you have to pay 700 dinars per year, without the availability of real work and the transfer is immediate.

Suspending the licenses of visa-reducing companies

It was clear in the monitoring of social networking sites, especially Facebook, that there was a wide decrease in the sale and trade of residence permits compared to what it was before the Corona crisis, given that the state agencies, especially the “manpower” and “interior” made extensive efforts to curb the spread of the virus. This type of trade is sometimes classified as human trafficking, as many licenses and files fell into the nets of the Employment Protection Sector Emergency Committee and were referred to the Public Prosecution.

Residency trading price exchange

400 dinars.. for a month’s commercial visa

1700 dinars.. Article 18 work visa for a year

600 dinars.. to transfer the residence of a university profession for a year

450 dinars.. Transferring the residence of a worker’s profession for a year

700 dinars.. Transferring a residence permit to the profession of driver for a yea :Source


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