The Ministry of the Interior asks banks to close the accounts of the deportees

Informed sources revealed to Al-Rai that officials of the Ministry of Interior began coordinating with bank officials aimed at freezing bank accounts that could be used in illegal activities.

The sources indicated that the leaders of the “Interior” asked bank officials to close the accounts of the deportees when they leave the country, explaining that the lack of clear procedures to do so may lead to the exploitation of these accounts in ways that violate the law, and that this is not necessarily done through the owners of these accounts. .

She explained that the risks of having open bank accounts for the deportees necessitated coordination between the General Administration of Residency Affairs and the banks to develop solutions and find a mechanism to ensure that these accounts are not used in illegal activities.

However, banking sources made it clear that it is not easy to apply this mechanism to the accounts of all deportees immediately, explaining that this may be acceptable for holders of regular bank accounts, which are not required to be credited or that have no savings, but it is difficult to close the accounts of the deportees immediately if They still had credit installments, or they were entitled to business returns that do not require their presence in Kuwait, or they had specific expected job benefits, indicating that closing this type of account requires an appropriate period to settle the situation of their owners, especially if the customer has a deposit linked to his bank account Where the deposit must be stopped first.


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