2221 Expatriates were referred for deportation and 22 fake offices were seized

The General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigation issued a statistic that includes the number of fictitious offices and workers that were seized in violation of the Labor Law and the deportees between 10/1/2021 and 10/11/2021, in light of the campaigns implemented by the Residence Affairs Sector to arrest violators of the Residence Law, and to combat bogus servant offices. Under the direct guidance of the Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Residence Affairs, Major General Anwar Al-Barjas..Join Our Telegram group to know the latest news https://t.me/kuwaitoffering

The statistics showed that the Residency Investigations men were able to seize 22 fake offices for domestic workers operating on the daily or monthly wage system, by managing workers in violation of the Residency and Labor Law, and absent cases were registered against them.

She pointed out that the residency investigation officers were also able to apprehend 106 violators of the residency and work law through field campaigns implemented by the General Administration of Residency Affairs, with the aim of apprehending violators of the Residency and Labor Law, revealing that the General Administration of Residency Investigation referred 2,221 expatriates and expatriates of different nationalities to the Deportation Department. To deport them from the country after they were arrested in various cases, most notably violating the residence law.

The General Administration of Residency Investigations called on the public not to harbor any workers unless they are on their personal sponsorship, and to initiate cooperation with security men, and to report any violating employment by contacting the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigations.


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