Cancellation of the PCR for vaccinated arrivals is under study

In order to preserve the positive steps that have been achieved in terms of confronting Corona, which resulted in the decline of the epidemic in Kuwait, an official government source stressed that vaccination with the third dose is an urgent requirement to face the possibility of an increase in the number of infected people, especially after the decrease in the immunity of many vaccinated during the previous period.

The source confirmed that the Ministry of Health will grant vaccinations to those who were vaccinated 5 or 6 months ago with the second dose, noting that it is possible to cancel the PCR examination for immunized people coming to the country, but this will not take place in the current period, and the matter is under study.

He pointed out that the return to normal working hours in schools as it was before the emergence of the epidemic is still under evaluation and study, the epidemiological conditions have not ended so far, and health requirements must not be tolerated, as the majority of countries in the world have not canceled the PCR and did not open schools as usual, stressing that These steps are to be taken care of.

He pointed out that a comprehensive report is currently being prepared for the adoption of a mechanism for immunizing children from 5 to 12 years to start, revealing that the Ministry of Health will launch a new digital mechanism for the results of blood tests and radiology, which will appear on the health application in a quick time. : source


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