New feature on Instagram

Instagram has announced that the app has a new feature that makes users more interactive with posts.

According to information provided by Russia Today, users of the Stories features in “Instagram” can now use the new “Add Yours” stickers, through which they will be able to post photos, videos or content that other users can comment on through photos or videos related to the same content.

The content of the commented users will appear in the form of interactive bubbles inside the original poster posted by the “Add Yours” user, so the poster owner will be able to see the extent of the audience’s interaction with his content, and he will also have a series of interactive content that other users can be interested in.

This feature is somewhat similar to the Duet feature that previously appeared in “Tik Tok”, but it differs from it in that it allows the user to see interactive content with his publication in one place.

Instagram had previously tested this feature in Indonesia and Japan, and today it announced that it is now available to users of its application in all countries of the world


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