Kuwait :32000 driving license of expats cancelled this year

The Head of the Public Relations and Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, Colonel Nawaf Al-Hayyan, revealed to Al-Rai that about 2,400 driving licenses have been withdrawn from citizens with mental or visual disabilities, the majority of whom are men, in addition to the withdrawal of 32,000 licenses from expatriates, due to the lack of They met the conditions, or obtained them illegally, during the first ten months of the current year.

Al-Hayyan stressed that “the General Traffic Department is strict in obtaining driver’s licenses, after linking them with government agencies, including the Residence and Manpower Affairs Sector and the Authority for the Disabled, a step that greatly contributed to tightening the screws on those who had previously obtained driving licenses and changed their professions, or lost one of the conditions They obtained it, as a (block) was placed on driver’s licenses for resident students who completed their studies and did not deliver them, as they will not be able to renew the residence or obtain a work permit without the delivery of the driver’s license.



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