YouTuber in Kuwait raises one million dollars for refugees within 24 hours

YouTuber Hassan Suleiman, known as “Abu Fella”, achieved a record, as he succeeded in collecting donations exceeding one million dollars, within 24 hours, in cooperation with the UNHCR.

“Abu Fella” is one of the most popular video players in the Arab world, and the owner of the largest growing YouTube channel in the world, and in conjunction with exceeding the 20 million followers barrier, the young YouTuber residing in Kuwait launched a joint campaign with the UNHCR to provide for the needs of thousands of refugee and displaced families during winter season.

Hassan was able to collect the specified amount within about 24 hours, during which he was keen to communicate directly with his followers through his YouTube channel.

Suleiman told Al-Qabas: “I did not expect to achieve the amount during this time, and I thought that it would take a week or two to collect it, but the enthusiasm of the followers and their eagerness to do good had a great impact on me.” I thank them and I ask God to make doing good in the balance of their good deeds.”

He adds: “The love of people and this large number of followers is a blessing from God, and any person, if he succeeds in any field, must not forget the need :


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