Kuwait :A quarter of a million residents left the labor market in one year

he Kuwaiti labor market lost 253,233 migrant workers during the year between June 2020 and June 2021, the most prominent share of which was the private sector with 205,050 workers, then the domestic sector 41,202, while the government sector lost 6,981 workers.

A report issued by the Kuwait Society for Human Rights stated that during five months, extending from March to last August, “government institutions terminated the services of 2,089 migrant workers, while 10,780 Kuwaiti employees were appointed during the same period.”

The report, of which Al-Rai obtained a copy, indicated that during the third quarter of this year (July-August-September), the association provided 999 legal consultations in five different languages, and 71 cases of psychosocial support for 51 women and 20 men, while it intervened in 69 cases of dispute arising between workers and employers, including 51 cases of female complainants, and 20 cases of male complainants, and the association managed to resolve 48 cases amicably, while it referred 21 cases to labor court
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