Zuckerberg changes Facebook’s name to Meta

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announced the change of Facebook’s name to “Meta”, which means “beyond” in Greek, which reflects Zuckerberg’s seriousness in moving forward in the development of this world.

Zuckerberg said that Metaverse will change the way you work, communicate and entertain, expecting that the number of subscribers will reach one billion people over the next ten years, noting that developers and content makers will be the main force behind this virtual world.

Zuckerberg pointed out during the Facebook “Connect” conference this evening that Metaverse will establish the economy for developers and content makers and allow them to generate returns from various commercial activities, which he said will open many opportunities, noting that many components of virtual reality will be part of reality during the next five years. .

He added that the company will invest $150 million to train developers to develop Metaverse applications and develop a “platform” to learn ways to develop new applications for this world.

And he announced his readiness to cooperate with any institution or person to develop the tools of this world, which he described as “the heir of the mobile Internet”, such as the techniques of using hands by default, voice, facial expressions and hologram projection, noting that the company will open an “application programming interface” to develop applications specific to their geographical areas to create experiences Tourist and others, and pointed out that Metaverse will not “reduce the time we spend on the Internet, but will change the way we spend this time.”

He added that the company will launch the “Presence” platform, a new way for developers to create mixed reality experiences that work through virtual reality glasses “Oculus”, noting that the platform will include a set of artificial intelligence tools for developers that make the mixed reality experience more immersive and help combine the virtual world. and physical reality.

Although Zuckerberg confirmed that Metaverse is a “new beginning” and “the next version of the Internet”, he did not forget to mention that Metaverse will contain an “ad market” in an effort to “reduce costs for developers,” as he said, noting that the company is considering developing patterns New from owning assets in Metaverse such as non-fungible digital assets (NFT) and others, and that one will be able to transform many real things into virtual within Metaverse through virtual and augmented reality glasses

He pointed out that Metaverse will change the way people communicate with each other, adding, “Imagine wearing virtual glasses and quickly moving to a completely different environment through which you communicate with friends through an immersive experience in which you feel their facial expressions by choosing a virtual character “Avatar” that can be changed according to the occasion The person lives in. And by default go to different places Teleport within Metaverse.

He noted that Metaverse will change the working and learning environment as one will be able to work in any virtual environment of one’s choice, enabling one to “focus on the tasks at hand.”

One will be able to navigate the Teleport through areas named “Horizon” or horizons named “Home” or home, horizons named “Workplace”, “World”, and “Market” horizons. He hinted that developers “will provide good returns for developers in this world.”


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